Android is Now The Most Used Operating Operating System In The World

Published on Wed, Apr 5, 2017 9:00 AM

We all know that mobile internet usage has exploded in recent years. I still remember the first time someone pulled up Google Maps on an iPhone 1 and showed me where we were. I was amazed and shocked at the same time. These days smart phones are literally everywhere - I have 8 of them sitting in the drawer in front of me as I write this.

Today, according to research from Statcounter, Android usage online has surpassed Windows for the first time. During March, 2017, Microsoft Windows accounted for 37.91% of traffic, while Android pulled ahead at 37.93% of all traffic. This number is slightly subjective as it refers to usage, not the number of users but it is still a testament to the growing number of users browsing on mobile, and Android specifically.

The research is based on the stats from over 2.5 million websites and over 15 billion page views during the month of March. The chart below clearly shows the decline in Windows internet usage and the surge in Android based browsing. 

While this chart paints an overall global picture, Internet usage on Android in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America is even higher. India sits at 79% mobile internet usage, China at 57% and Indonesia at 72%. 

Windows still dominates when it comes to desktop but mobile usage is clearly trending in favor of Android. A recent report from App Annie shows that out of 90 billion app downloads during the year of 2016, 65 billion of them were on Android platforms. iOS users still tend to hand over more money though, pulling in the majority of the $35 billion from app spend in 2016. 

Will Android overtake iOS in revenue in 2017 as well? Only time will tell...